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  • Always beautiful!
    Always beautiful!

    Upon performing the classical or apparatus cosmetology procedures we use Premium class cosmetics, carefully select the products and active substances required for each procedure and assess your facial skin type in order to offer you a procedure that is tailored to meet your needs.


Classical Cosmetology

Classic Facial Cleaning

Deep facial cleanse helps to free the occluded pores and clear away the black dots and tiny under the skin spots, which prevent the skin from looking perfect. Due to the special cosmetic products the skin gets neither dried nor traumatised as well as the barrier — epidermal lipid layer — is not dissolved.

The cleaning results in a reduced risk of facial skin inflammation. Such a procedure is suitable for every type of the facial skin. This is a classical facial treatment procedure which ensures great looks and well-being.


PCA Facial Peel

The unique components of preparation PCA skin® are used to correct the signs of ageing. The wrinkles are reduced, the facial skin texture is improved, the uneven pigment of the facial skin is smoothed, the skin solidity is restored and acne is diminished. It all is achieved without a long rehabilitation period.

PCA skin® peels — ensure efficiency and safety.

Apparatus Cosmetology


Apparatus technology is used. It is an alternative to the aesthetic medicine. It is an exclusive cosmetology method which is tailored to each individual type of the facial skin. The basic effects of the procedure are deep injection of active substances by the help of ionisation, deep moistening and relaxation.


Apparatus technology is used. It is a procedure that firms facial features and oval as an alternative to the plastic surgery. During the procedure in addition to myostimulation massage is given and a face mask applied.


Apparatus technology is used. It is an eye area rejuvenating procedure with an anti-ageing effect. It also reduces all signs of fatigue (dark circles, swelling, a drooping eyelid, etc.).


It is a manual facial lifting procedure with an immediately evident effect. It rejuvenates the flexibility of the facial skin and oval contours as well as evens out the neck and décolleté.


The manual anti-ageing procedure combines massage techniques that are derived from Kobido (natural lifting with various massage techniques) with high density of active substances. It has a comprehensive anti-ageing effect.


  • Classic facial cleaning (2 hours)

    50.00 €
  • PCA facial peel (1 hour)

    40.00 - 70.00 €
  • Hydradermie Youth (1.15 hours)

    60.00 €
  • Hydradermie Lift (1.15 hours)

    60.00 €
  • Hydraclean (40 minūtes)

    40.00 €
  • Eyelift

    45.00 €
  • Age Summum (1,15 stundas)

    70.00 €
  • Lift Summum

    65.00 €

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  • Linda Zvirbule

    Linda Zvirbule

    Beautician/Micropigmentation Specialist

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    Anita Ermolaeva

    Micropigmentation specialist with medical education

  • Ilona Cernova

    Ilona Cernova

    ICOONE LASER specialist

  • Liene Ozolniece - Pelece

    Liene Ozolniece - Pelece


  • Kristina Cveka

    Kristina Cveka

    Technician, tricho

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