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About us

Jaunums: atvērts pirmais profesionālās mikropigmentācijas un kosmetoloģijas centrs “Sky Beauty”A woman is born to enhance beauty. It is in woman’s nature to inspire and get inspired, to be beautiful herself and make the surrounding world beautiful. The saying goes that beauty vanishes but Sky Beauty believes that through care beauty only thrives. Just like an exquisite garden flower, it blooms longer and more gorgeously when cherished and coddled. The same way a woman through taking care of herself blossoms up more lively and gains greater confidence in her.

Sky Beauty is a micropigmentation and cosmetology centre which offers permanent make-up, medical micropigmentation, as well as aesthetic and apparatus cosmetology facial and body procedures. Sky Beauty is the next step in the development of PMC (Professional Micropigmentation Centre), which under the new brand name continues the provision of its existing services as well as offers new, high quality beauty procedures.

Sky Beauty gives women confidence in their beauty in every life situation. Sky Beauty emphasizes the existent beauty and allows a woman to see her being stunning every day, again and again!

Your beauty — your confidence!

Our values


    Good looks enhance happiness; give feeling of comfort, calmness and confidence in you. Even more, if you know that your great looks do not depend on the weather conditions, the hour of the day or time that you have spent in front of the mirror. Your beauty is always together with you.


    Sky Beauty sees to it that a woman experiences complete calmness during the procedure and is absolutely happy after each procedure. The centre only uses certified equipment and materials as well as adheres to the highest sterilisation standards.


    Beauty procedures are the most genuine and valuable gift to yourself. It is a moment when you let your womanhood open up, yield to indulgence and awareness that you deserve it. A happy woman makes the world around her happy.


    Sky Beauty boasts of the professionals who practice the latest permanent make-up techniques as well as only use the most advanced and efficient apparatus cosmetology equipment. At Sky Beauty a woman deserves the best!