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    Removal of unsuccessful permanent make-up or tattoos!

    Discharge of permanent make-up and tattoos without damages to the skin and without scars!

Removal and correction of permanent make-up and tattoos

If your permanent make-up has failed or your tattoo has become irrelevant, we will certainly make an effort to help you solve this problem. Unsuccessful permanent make-up or tattoo removal using laser is the most efficient and safest method.

What techniques are applied

Ликвидация и коррекция перманентного макияжа и татуировок

Premium class neodymium medical laser Pico Light 10

In the procedure of permanent make-up or tattoo removal with laser the laser impulses have an impact on the tinting pigment under the skin. At the moment of „laser shock” the local temperature rises, the pigment is split but its decomposition products are drained from the body by the lymphatic system.  

Red eyebrow correction

Reddish eyebrows can form over time if a brown colour containing the red pigment has been used for the eyebrow dyeing. This pigment is very stable and it is discharged very slowly from the body. After the first treatment with laser the colour turns considerably greyer.

Pigment discharge with remover Pigment Killer Remover

Remover is a non-toxic cleaning agent without acids. The remover releases colour pigments, after which they dissolve and are discharged onto the skin surface without any damages to the skin, without scars, without pain and without a long lasting skin restoration period.

Chemical remover Rejuvi Removal

Suspension Rejuvi Removal consists of metal oxides. When the emulsion comes into physical contact with the pigments in the skin, it gradually absorbs the pigments. When the pigments have linked with emulsion Rejuvi Removal, the skin discharges the mixture onto the surface. Crust is formed, which protects the treated surface against the external impact.

Your benefits

  • Always charming

  • Saved time

  • Corrective effect

  • Ideal solution

What the procedure is like

  1. Consultation

    During the consultation the type of discharge — the laser or remover — will be chosen, considering the individual peculiarities. Prior to the treatment the specialist will assess the condition of your previous permanent make-up or tattoo as well as the skin condition.  Trial test on a small patch of the skin. It will enable to predict how many treatments will be necessary (test is based on assumption).  

    During the consultation the specialist will answer all your questions of interest concerning the procedure.

  2. The first procedure

    Laser. Anaesthetic gel will be spread on the area to be exposed to laser treatment. You will receive an offer to put on goggles. If the pigment is removed from the eyelid area, you will have to use special protective lenses.

    At the end of the treatment antiseptic, cooling gel is applied. A light therapy with lamp Zepter Bioptron to aid healing and reduce swelling. Special cream for care at home. A reminder of the care at home.

    Remover. Pigments are removed by injecting the solution in the skin layer containing the pigmentation or tattoo using the permanent make-up apparatus for this purpose. The removal procedure may be performed with an interval of 4–6 weeks.

  3. Healing process

    A week before and after the procedure it is not advisable to stay in the direct sunlight.

    Normal body reactions such as swelling, redness, micro hematomas from the internal blood vesel and capillary damages are possible in the laser treatment area.

    Creams containing panthenol must be used for skin rejuvenation.

  4. Correction in a month

    Repeated treatment can be performed no sooner than in 1.5–2 months after the procedure. Complete restoration of epidermis is required.

Easy, fast and reliable!


  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Viral infections;
  • Disposition to keloids;
  • Blood clotting functional disorders;
  • Oncology;
  • Allergic reactions to the pigment composition;
  • Diabetes;
  • Thyroid gland functional and metabolic disorders;
  • Blood diseases, poor blood clotting;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Presence of keloids in the treatment area;
  • Photosensitivity.


  • Consultation (trial impulses)

    10.00 €
  • Permanent make-up removal with laser (brows, lips)

    50.00 €
  • Red brow laser correction

    50.00 €
  • Permanent make-up or tattoo removal with laser (eyelids)

    70.00 €
  • One small element removal with laser (dots, contour parts, pigment migration areas)

    30.00 €
  • Tattoo removal with laser 1cm2

    15.00 €
  • Removal with remover Pigment Killer (lip contour, brows)

    50.00 €
  • Removal with remover Rejuvi (lip contour, brows)

    90.00 €

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