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  • Perfection is only one touch away ICOONE LASER
    Perfection is only one touch away ICOONE LASER

Advanced Face & Body skin care technologies ICOONE LASER

ICOONE LASER – is an innovative device using patented ММАS technology and laser lipolysis, which allows to:

  • Get aesthetic results by means of using unique technologies;
  • Eliminate cellulite;
  • Solve problems with excess weight;
  • Improve lymphatic drainage;
  • Secure therapeutic rehabilitation and athletic recovery;
  • Guarantee safe procedures, which can even be recommended to pregnant women;
  • Conduct painless procedures;
  • Offer more than 35 individual programmes for face and body treatment;
  • During the procedure you are guaranteed only pleasant feelings!

ICOONE LASER – patented MMAS technology renders structural impact on vacuoles and stimulates:

  • Production of collagen and elastane, which improve skin’s elasticity and flexibility;
  • Renovation of skin cells contributing to skin rejuvenation;
  • Lipolysis facilitating fat burning.


ICOONE LASER is the only device in the world, which allows to use two nozzles simultaneously for the massage, in order to achieve symmetrical impact on both blood circulation and lymph flow. Individual programmes and procedures designed for solving aesthetic problems, help to eliminate various medical conditions and improve rehabilitation after surgeries and injuries. 100% pain free. 100% effective.

ICOONE MMAS technology allows to execute 1180 multi micro alveolar stimulations on each dm2 of the skin, due to special rollers covered with rows of tiny alveoli (holes). Rollers can rotate in different directions (forth and back; inside and out), allowing to achieve the best possible physiological effect in the process of skin rehabilitation, by activating cellular functions and stimulating lipolysis and collagen production in a natural way. This mechanical stimulation sends special signals to the cells, thus triggering a biochemical response reaction.

ICOONE technology of non-invasive fraction vacuum massage is carried out by two autonomous motorizes rollers (Roboderm)

Aesthetic programme advantages of ICOONE LASER

  • eliminates local fat deposits;
  • reduces swelling;
  • effectively fights cellulite;
  • provides a beautiful silhouette in the breech area;
  • solves the problem of skin atony;
  • allows silhouette remodelling;
  • eliminates skin sagginess on the inner surface of thighs and arms;
  • has a wonderful effect in case you have got striae (stretch marks);
  • firms breast area and improves the shape of the mammary glands;
  • provides lifting of facial, neck and décolleté skin;
  • eliminates deep facial line wrinkles;
  • helps to restore body after the childbirth.

Medical programme advantages of the ICOONE LASER

  • eliminates oedema and inflammations;
  • helps to fight varicosis;
  • helps to prepare body for plastic surgeries and afterward rehabilitation (including the procedure of liposuction);
  • restorative programme for pregnant women and rehabilitation after childbirth;
  • eliminates and reduces scars;
  • treats burns;
  • eliminates lymphostasis;
  • reduces muscle cramps and contractures;
  • eliminates intestinal hypotonia;
  • helps to prevent inflammation of aponeurosis (tendonitis);
  • eliminates pain syndrome.

Sports programme advantages of ICOONE LASER

  • eliminates hematomas;
  • has a wonderful and healing effect against injuries and strains;
  • eliminates myalgia;
  • reduces muscle cramps and pain;
  • prepares body for physical exercise;
  • offers rehabilitation after extra physical exercise and sport injuries.

General programme advantages of ICOONE LASER

  • improves blood circulation;
  • stimulates the production of elastane;
  • provides effective lifting and skin tonus;
  • improves skin texture and body contours;
  • offers analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • accelerates the process of injury healing;
  • reduces rehabilitation time after surgical procedures;
  • facilitates skin regeneration;
  • restores tissues before and after liposuction procedure;
  • normalizes the process of tissues functioning;
  • lymphatic drainage and detoxication;
  • effectively fights cellulite;
  • eliminates muscle tension;
  • impacts fat cells - stimulates lipolysis;
  • reduces oedema and inflammation manifestations.

Additional advantages of ICOONE LASER

  • duration of the procedure is from 10 to 60 minutes;
  • no expendable materials;
  • MMAS technology guarantees visible result in a short period of time;
  • is successfully applied in medicine and aesthetics all over the world;
  • results are confirmed by numerous researches in the field (including FDA);
  • absence of "forbidden areas" (including mammary glands and the area of the upper eyelid);
  • the opportunity for the client to have procedures 2 times per day - in the morning and in the evening daily;
  • non-invasive technologies;
  • perfect effect both for the face and the body!


  • iCoone facial procedure (50 min.)

    49.90 €
  • iCoone body procedure (60 min.)

    69.90 €
  • Subscription BODY STANDART (6 visits), duration of the procedure 50 min.

    376.90 €
  • Subscription BODY IDEAL (10 visits), duration of the procedure 50 min.

    628.90 €
  • Subscription FACE STANDART (6 visits), duration of the procedure 30 min

    268.90 €
  • Subscription FACE IDEAL (10 visits), duration of the procedure 30 min

    448.90 €
  • Individual costume iCoone

    25.00 €
  • ICoone medical program (one area)

    39.90 €
  • ICoone medical program (6 visits)

    215.90 €