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Anti-ageing permanent make-up

Age should not affect woman’s good looks and self-liking. A woman acquires real charm and invisible correction by applying the modern micropigmenation and cosmetology methods, which will increase her confidence and will make the woman look fascinating.

At the age of 35-45 the woman experiences the appearance of the first mimic wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. The tails of the eyebrows descend. The skin loses its tone, the volume around the temple, near the cheekbones and in the tear grooves starts disappearing. Tiny wrinkles become visible on the upper lip.

At the age of 50 the amount of fatty tissue considerably decreases resulting in the formation of more clear-cut features.

What techniques are applied

Anti-ageing permanent make-up of the eyebrows

  • All lines must tend upwards — it is the main rule of anti-aging make-up.
  • The inner edge of the brow must be lower than the outer edge.
  • Very long and dark eyebrows make the face look older and more depressed. Slightly shortened brows on the contrary — make the face look younger and the eyes wider but the eyelid seems more visible.
  • The permanent make-up coloricality solution should match the colour type and must be in harmony with hair dye.
  • The combined technique would be ideal — slight retouching + hair.

Anti-ageing permanent make-up of the upper eyelid

  • The end of the arrow should not be drawn away from the lash line.
  • Appropriately chosen line and retouching tone will refresh and brighten the eyes.
  • An ideal technique for anti-aging make-up is Soft Liner (subtle inter-lash line) or Stardust Line (line with retouching), which helps to raise the canthus visually giving an effect of visual lifting.
  • A highlighter can be used below the curvature of the eyebrow and in the inner canthi to refresh the look. This method considerably freshens and brightens the face and makes it optically more open, festive and younge

Anti-ageing permanent make-up of the lips

The red edge of the lips lacks sebbaceous glands therefore the lips are sooner short of humidity than any other parts of the face. Moreover, menopause causes radical lowering of the level of female hormones estrogen and progesterone. It also results in significant reduction of collagen and elastin production.

Because of this effective rejuvenation of the lower third of the face should be complex, including:

  • Performance of scrub series in perioral area in order to strengthen the skin in this part of the face and improve its solidity;
  • For women 45+, in order to make the lips seem fuller, it is enough to distinguish the central part with a light colour or spread on a more transparent pigment.

Technique Soft liner (subtle contour) will be an ideal choice allowing for visual design of the lips with the emphasis on their outline. This technique is efficient in the solution of problems with a vague and blurred lip outline.

  • For ladies 55+ the best choice is the colour that is a few shades darker than the natural lips because too dark lips make look older but pale ones deprive the face of expressivity.   

In this case the ideal solution will be technique LipStick (lipstick effect), by which pigment is injected in a dense layer and has a lipstick effect on the lips. It perfectly corrects lip asymmetry and solves the problem of thin lips.

  • An excellent method for visual rejuvenation — highlighting under the upper lip outline, which makes the lips expressive, shiny and adds volume.
  • The use of hyaluronic acid based preparation adds the lacking volume to withering lips, ensures the restoration of hydro-balance, adjusts microcirculation and improves tissue nutrition.

Permanent make-up that has been applied along with therapeutic and preventive procedures of aesthetic cosmetology and stomatology achieves a more expressive and prolonged result in the complex of face anti-aging measures.

Your benefits

  • Always charming

    You look perfect under any weather circumstances – on the beach, in a sports hall, in the sauna, etc.

  • Saved time

    There is no need for the daily make-up

  • Corrective effect

    The face acquires more expressive features.

  • Ideal solution

    Suitable also for women with allergy to make-up and with poor eyesight.


  • Consultation (sketch, shape and colour matching, allergy test)

    20.00 €
  • Brow microblading with shading, microblading with two pigments

    250.00 €
  • Shading technique

    220.00 €
  • Interlash line Soft Liner

    150.00 €
  • Lip gloss Aquarel

    220.00 €
  • Lipstick effect Lipstick

    220.00 €
  • Correction (in the period from 1 to 3 months)

    65.00 €
  • Rejuvenation in the interlash line/brows and lips

    150.00 €

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