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ICOONE LASER body + face treatment ONLY 49.90 €

Sky Beauty

49.90€ ICOONE LASER body + face treatment (familiarisation treatment)

Thanks to parameters individually selected for each client and for each treatment, the ICOONE LASER® allows you to stimulate deeper layers of tissues and have three main effects at once:

  • Drainage - helps remove stagnant fluid from the body.
  • Silhouette modeling - activates the process of lipolysis, which carries out the breakdown of fatty tissue.
  • Lifting - stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and improves skin tone.

➡️ ICOONE LASER® provides gentle stimulation to the skin without causing stress from mechanical action and without injuring capillaries and connective tissue.

➡️ Thanks to its gentle action, icoone® treatments can be performed daily or even twice a day!

➡️ Results are visible immediately after the first treatment. This is always advisable before the vacation season, allowing you to get your body back into shape quickly and in a short period of time.

➡️ And then just 1 treatment per month is enough to maintain the results achieved.

Promotion valid until 17.09.2022

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