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    Always beautiful!

Eyelash Lamination

The main ingredient of the lamination composition is keratin. Keratin is a highly resistible protein which is comprised by the skin derivatives, including our eyelashes, eyebrows, hair and nails. Due to the keratin in the lamination composition, which penetrates each hair, the eyelashes boost their volume and become healthy and strong.


  • Vitamin complex, hydrolysed collagen and keratin replenish and rejuvenate the eyelashes;
  • Lamination prevents lash aging, breaking and loss;
  • Corrects the natural eye shape;
  • Keeps natural looks;
  • The procedure allows for sunbathing, sitting in a sauna or swimming in the sea;
  • Allows for wearing contact lenses.

Course of the Procedure

  • Make-up removal from the eyelids and eyelashes;
  • The eyelids and eyelashes are wiped with a degreasing alcohol-free product;
  • An appropriately sized silicone protector (depending on the length of lashes and preferable curve), on which the lashes are fixed, is fastened on the upper eyelid;
  • The laminating composition is spread on;
  • The eyelashes are dyed;
  • Serum with keratin is spread on.

Subsequent Care

  • On the first day after lamination the eyelashes look agglutinated and it is normal;
  • During the first 24 hours the eyes may not be moistened and no action must be taken in this area (not to rub the eyes, not to sleep with the face on the pillow).


  • Individual intolerance of particular components;
  • After surgery in the eye area;
  • Dermatological problems in the eye area;
  • Pregnancy and a lactation period;
  • Lamination is not recommended for very short eyelashes;
  • Prior to a planned eyelash extension procedure lamination is not recommended because the lamination composition contains a lot of mineral oils as a result of which the eyelash extension glue will not hold on.

Natural beauty and health of your eyelashes!

Duration of the Procedure

60 minutes

Durability of the Result

5 weeks

Does not cause allergy and irritation

Adds volume to your eyelashes


  • Eyelash lamination

    65.00 €

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