Bērzaunes 7,
Riga (VEF area)
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Mon. - Fri.: 10:00-19:00
Sat.: 10:00-16:00
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+371 248 86 555

Kristina Cveka

Kristina Cvek is a high-class specialist with proficient training and skills, as well as a sense of style, symmetry and sufficient experience. Kristina performs her work on special equipment with exclusive pigments intended for scalp micropigmentation.

If you want to know more about the procedure of micropigmentation, but have not decided whether you are ready to do it - sign up for a consultation!

Field of specialization:  

  • Scalp micropigmentation (tricopigmentation)
  • Lip micropigmentation
  • Eye micropigmentation (lash line enhancement)
  • Brow micropigmentation (shadow shading technique, pixel technique, ombre)
  • Laser and chemical pigment removal
  • Eyebrow correction (henna or classic dye)


  • Courses for tricopigmentation specialists Scalp 1, Scalp 2, Scalp 3. “Beauty Medical” International School Of Tricopigmentation, Milan
  • Courses for micropigmentation specialists Basic 1,2. “Galateja” Micropigmentation School